the first signs of spring peeked their head out this weekend and i couldn’t be happier. it’s not like i have particularly bad winter depression, but you get to a point where you can only tolerate so many months of white, grey and brown. i am a color person and i feel so much more alive when i see yellow, fresh green, light pink, fuchsia, magenta and purple starting to unfurl out of their sleeping bags on the tree branches and poke out of the dirt amongst the crunchy remnants of autumn. i also love that smell of earthiness in the air and the sound of birds chit chatting. soon it will be time to rip that awful plastic off of the windows and walk around without a hat and gloves on and sit in the park or eat outside at a restaurant. before you know it, i will be bitching about how i cant breathe because its so dang hot out! check back in august when i’m in a foul mood. 🙂

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