press play.

check out this interview i did for my new fabric line HABITAT. it’s for one of my favorite fabric websites, TRUE UP. it’s a very comprehensive interview so grab a bowl of ice cream, sit your butt down, pause american idol and enjoy!



4 thoughts on “press play.

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Dropcloth is my favorite out of this collection. The ability to cut 50 completely different squares from it makes it a must have. And I love the idea of this grunge effect showing up in unexpected ways in quilts and crafts. (A little subversion in the quilting and crafting world is a good thing.)

  2. Thanks so much for participating in the interview. I really enjoyed it and I am just thrilled with your fabric designs. I’m a new sewer and was surprised to find how many prints on the market are just too twee for my life. In comparison, it is so nice to see your designs, which make thoughtful and playful use of sophisticated colors and patterns. Thank you from saving me from a house and closet full of silly pastel flower/teddy bear/coffee cup/random french word-printed items!

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