one of the questions i get asked most is “what inspires you”? it is totally valid to ask an artist or designer this question. people genuinely want to know. although a seemingly generic question, it isn’t easy to pinpoint exactly what inspires a creative person or any person for that matter. for me, it is a culmination of memories, experiences and situations i encounter both voluntarily and involuntarily. i know that i am inspired by something when i leave my house and realize i don’t have my camera on me and i proceed to curse for the rest of the day. if i do have my camera, i’m documenting the interesting and, at the time, not such interesting things that might make sense at a later time. i am drawn to many elements. generally, i love the sky. architecture. nature. deterioration. objects. color. food. people. i love these things either singularly or when these concepts intersect. if i am working on a specific project, i do a lot of research either from daily experience or through media. i will, for that time, have those ideas swirling around in my brain constantly and a more solidified concept usually come together in a sort of light bulb over my head moment while i am on the toilet or driving. seriously. inspiration rarely comes to me when i am just sitting around with a pen in hand and a stack of paper on a table in front of me.

2 thoughts on “inspiration.

  1. Hey, you broke down and decided to start a blog?! That’ fantastic. Sounds like I am drawn to many of the same things you are – maybe that’s why I love the fabrics you design!!!

    • thanks for the shout out on your blog…and mine. you make such nice things. i can’t wait to see what you make with “habitat”! please keep me posted.

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