i am mad at myself for not blogging today. i told myself i was going to do it every day aside from holidays and times when i am traveling or if i had my period. today i had to do an online interview which fried my brain compiled with convincing myself that i’m allergic to cleaning products because occasionally when i clean, even with natural products, i get aches and pains in my bones and a tension headache. i’m not a headache person so when i get one, i know something is up. oh please don’t let me be one of those people that goes on oprah and talks about how i need to wear rubber gloves to go to the bathroom or that i cant leave my house because the air makes me break out in hives. so i guess i’m blogging now so i can shut up that i’m not blogging. since natural cleaning products give me a headache, here are some green pictures to look at.

3 thoughts on “greenwash.

  1. Dude, if you make yourself blog every day, you are going to hate it after a while. It’s good to be disciplined, but you don’t want to put so much pressure on yourself. Also, cleaning sucks.

  2. Wow, thanks for blogging. I saw your interview on True Up and then came over to see what you were up to. I am excited to see your new line. If I can sew up two baby quilts (twins for the neighbor) with existing stash I can justify a new purchase and your line is it. I live in Allentown and am planning a trip to Spool to check out the goods.
    So, “blogging everyday” subject, bah, who cares, blog when you want and I’ll still check in… although I think it was Andy Warhol who had the idea, do it everyday or not at all. If you create everyday, that’s good. Don’t worry about sharing everyday!

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