now is the time.

i have finally succumbed to the peer pressure! i throw my arms up in surrender to the blog gods. this is for my friends, family, business acquaintances and fans who have been nagging me, at times incessantly, about joining the blogosphere. it really isn’t as dramatic as i paint it out to be. i like blogs. i really do. i have blogged for elle magazine and, i think, glamour magazine. i read about 7000 other blogs on a weekly basis. by the time i have looked at what everyone else seems to be doing with their lives, i am exhausted and the last thing that i really want to think about is starting a blog. well, i saw lady gaga in atlantic city this past weekend and i watched her pouring her soul out in front of 15,000 people/fans/guidos/monsters and i decided…now is the time to start letting people in again. i almost think the real reason for not wanting to share is that after project runway, i became a public figure and i just gave and gave and gave. one day i felt like i was sharing way too much information with the world and that it was time for me to just fade away into the ether. i wanted to hold onto as much anonymity as i could. i wanted my private life to be private. i finally feel like i am at a place in life where its time to share again. i always have lots of interesting projects going on and i have lots of people who want to know, and possibly live vicariously through my experiences and thoughts and projects. now is the time.


10 thoughts on “now is the time.

  1. Jay, your sooo creative! Thank You for sharing and letting us into your creative world. I look forward to reading your blog. I as well have been wanting to start a blog along with about another 100 projects that find their way into my little head. Jay and Lady Ga Ga, thank you for the inspiration and motivation! Kudos to you Jay!

  2. whooo hooo! Ok i’m sorry i’m not that kind of girl, but i’m so super stoked that you have started a blog. My favorite part of your work is the behind the scenes aspect you give to it, well that and my super fantastic bowling ball bag, my most prized possession btw. Can’t wait to read more, no pressure though. šŸ™‚

  3. Happy to see you back, Jay! You are looking good, and I can definitely understand your love of hoarding fabric. I’m just starting to do that myself (still a beginner sewer) and I’ve definitely been doing that with yarn for the past 5 years (learned to knit). What I like it that you are about the creative process– really, you see the art in what you do, and there’s something good about that. Keep it up and keep inspiring us!

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